About Me

Simply put, I am a passionate Internet Marketer & an Entrepreneur at heart who started her career in the Online Industry back in 2005 as a part-time SEO Assistant at a small local Agency. Though, I graduated as a Computer Science Engineer in 2009, I would say that I entered the Internet Work Space about 8 years back when Google, Blogging, MySpace, Forums, Facebook were some of the Buzzwords & Twitter was in the making :-) .

My Motto 

To “Keep it simple”.

My Works

Internet Marketing is a huge world of services. I am primarily into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management & WordPress related stuff. Let me elaborate a bit about these services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)“:

For those who don’t know, SEO is a process of improving the visibility of a Website by acquiring Top positions in Natural (un-paid) Search Results of Engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu etc. So if you are a E-commerce or Web Business owner or an SEO Agency, looking for a Freelance SEO Contractor to help you or your clients rank higher for important Business Keywords - Get in touch with me!

You can hire me as an SEO Analyst / Specialist for SEO services like SEO Consulting, SEO Implementation, Link Building, XML Sitemap creation, Keyword Research, Local SEO, Google Analytics Setup & Reporting, WordPress SEO etc.

Social Media Management (SMM)“:

Needless to say, everyone is going Social. Under Social Media Services, I help clients in creating & maintaining social media profiles/online communities for their E-commerce / Web Businesses on various social media platforms: Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, SlideShare, etc. Contact Me if you need a Social Media Operative to help you with your social media activities.

“WordPress (WP)“:

It’s the most popular & free blogging / CMS used on the web. Under WordPress Services, I provide solutions like WordPress Implementation (or WP Setup), Migration of existing site/blog to WordPress, Theme customization, WordPress SEO optimization (via plugins like Yoast & other custom changes), Plugins Research & Installations etc. If you are looking for a WordPress Expert to help you start your WordPress site or maintain/customize an existing one, Give me a Call & I’ll be happy to help!

Where do I work?

I work at SEOGirl :-) [site under renovation]

My Interests:

  • I like Reading & Participating in SEO / Inbound Marketing Blogs e.g. Moz, Search Engine Watch, SE Journal etc.
  • I am always up for Enterprising Activities that have to do with starting up and carrying out projects, especially business ventures. ‘Business’ runs in my blood. B)
  • Social Activities; I love meeting new people, helping others & promote learning / personal development by sharing knowledge, ideas, motivating & doing anything that would help someone get one step closer to their goal.

So basically, I am a nice girl :-)

Where can you find me:

Google ME! :D Just kidding! I’ll make it simple.

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